Naturepedic is known for its high-quality vegan mattresses. In their beds, they emphasise generous layers of organic cotton, linen, and latex. With choices for both children and adults, most consumers are pleased with the product’s consistency and service. Durability and price were listed in those few grievances.

Naturepedic is a well-known organic and environmentally friendly mattress manufacturer that produces high-quality raw, organic, and hypoallergenic mattresses. Naturepedic has many choices for those who have environmental sensitivities or enjoy the feel of firmer rubber mattresses, as well as for the health-conscious shopper.

In the design of their mattresses, Naturepedic only uses organically approved materials. This includes latex from organic plantations, cotton from organic farms, and wool from organic sheep. They also deliver Rainforest Alliance® certification for environmentally sustainable supply chains, as well as MADE SAFE certified non-toxic products.

Naturepedic Halcyon Collection

The Halcyon Collection is Naturepedic’s high-end mattress series. Azure Organic Luxury, Arcadia Organic Luxury Pillow Top, and Elysium Organic Luxury Pillow Top are the three mattresses in the set. These mattresses all feature encased coils and sustainable latex comfort layers, as well as a premium mix top quilt made of alpaca, cashmere, and acrylic. These mattresses are not available online and come at a high price for the amount of comfort they give. Although these are the height of elegance, the top layers may need to be fluffed and adjusted on a daily basis to remain comfortable.

Halcyon is more than just a place to sleep; it’s the ultimate organic sleep experience, made from just the finest organic, luxurious, and non-toxic products.

With a new, urban organic architecture, Halcyon redefines luxury. Our lovely organic fabrics are not only luxurious, but also cosy and delicate. The Halcyon’s multi-layered zippered structure makes for a fully personalised mattress, allowing you to tailor the comfort of the bed to each sleeper’s tastes as your needs shift with time.

Halcyon, Naturepedic’s most opulent mattress line, was created to provide maximum luxury and stability while ensuring the finest levels of indulgent sleep. You and your sleeping companion will pick how you like your bed to sound independently, because none of you would have to compromise.

It’s easy to personalise your bed with Halcyon. And years after, you can adjust how it feels. Your bedroom transforms into a showroom with the option to change layers!

Halcyon is made of natural fabrics like linen, alpaca, and cashmere, which wick moisture and hold you comfortable during the night. Its hybrid architecture incorporates organic latex as well as a contouring support structure that breathes and allows heat to escape.


Although each mattress has its own set of comfort features, they all have a 500-thread-count organic sateen top quilt filled with organic wool, alpaca, and cashmere. Halcyon is a genuinely top-of-the-line range, with organic latex, hand-assembled organic wrapped coils, and exquisite heirloom fabrication.

AZURE Naturepedic Mattress

$4,999 QUEEN

Any night, the Azure will provide you with peace and tranquilly. The Azure is designed to offer excellent comfort and can be personalised to satisfy all of your requirements for a restful night’s sleep.

THE ARCADIA Naturepedic Mattress

$6,999 QUEEN

Allow Arcadia to become your personal sanctuary. The Arcadia has everything you need for a good night’s sleep, including adjustable comfort levels and a fine organic wool blend layer.

ELYSIUM Naturepedic Mattress

$8,999 QUEEN

In the Elysium, find your personal oasis. With a luxurious plush pillowtop for unmatched warmth, the Elysium sets a new benchmark of organic luxury.

Chorus Organic Mattress

Naturepedic’s entry-level mattress is the Chorus Certified Organic. It has the non-toxic and sustainable certifications that Naturepedic is known for, all at a price that isn’t outrageous. It has pocketed coils, microcoils, organic cotton batting comfort layers, a quilted top sheet of organic wool batting, organic cotton thread, and pla fibre in a medium firmness profile (a fibre made from sugar cane). Customers have generally positive stuff to tell regarding these mattresses, plus they like the price point. The natural scent associated with the untreated ingredients is mentioned in the majority of negative reviews.

Polyurethane insulation, flame shields, adhesives, and other additives are all replaced with cleaner natural products at Naturepedic. You should be assured that you will not be sleeping on these fabrics night after night.

A 1.5″ microcoil comfort sheet is used in the Chorus. Individually wrapped coils provide complete body contouring ease, movement isolation, and pressure point relief. It has outstanding breathability and heat dissipation properties. For a better option to standard foams, this product is made without any glues or adhesives.

For that “about perfect” tone, the Chorus has a medium comfort level that works for almost everybody. It has a soft microcoil comfort layer that breathes and dissipates heat effectively for a pleasant and easy night’s sleep.

Chorus certified organic mattress Naturepedic

The Chorus organic mattress has everything you’re looking for in a natural mattress at an affordable price. It is designed with a universal cushion-firm feel, which gives the appropriate support and comfort for the majority of sleepers and is available in two sizes. Microcoils are sandwiched between premium encased coils in the Naturepedic chorus organic luxury mattress, which provides an exceptionally supportive and pleasant sleeping experience that keeps the sleeper cool and reduces pressure points. You’ll be drifting off to sleep in no time because to its very comfy and supportive design. The need of flame retardants is totally eliminated due to the design’s natural elements. The Chorus has been compressed and roll packaged to make shipping and delivery as simple as possible. It will be delivered in a box for portability and can be set up in minutes.

Fabric and filling made of organic cotton

Organic cotton is the purest type of cotton available, and it is a more healthy alternative to synthetic textiles and foams than conventional cotton. Naturepedic employs only organic cotton cultivated and certified in the United States as filler for its mattresses, which company purchases directly from USDA-approved suppliers. This improves the purity of the product, the organic dependability of the product, and the support for American farmers. When you touch it, the surface cloth feels pleasant to the touch and effortlessly stretches to fit your body.

Organic Wool Batting is a kind of batting made from wool.

Wool wicks away moisture, acts as a natural fire retardant, and regulates body temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. It has a natural crimp, which provides it bounce, body, and soft support properties, as well as a natural crimp. Many of these advantages are attributable to the intricate physio-chemical structure of the plant, which cannot be replicated mechanically. Organic wool that has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) promotes healthy, well-treated sheep as well as the removal of toxic chemicals throughout the wool manufacturing process.

PLA Comfort Layer (Polyester)

The PLA comfort layer gives the quilt more resilience, which improves its performance and moisture wicking properties. The PLA is produced from non-GMO potatoes and is designed to wick away moisture, allowing you to sleep comfortably. PLA does not release any toxic compounds into the environment. In fact, it is employed in a variety of biological applications as well as food packaging materials.

Microcoils with a 1.5-inch diameter

The high-density microcoils are individually wrapped in a lightweight, but durable polyester fabric to provide complete body contouring comfort and support. In addition to offering nice pressure point relief, they are resistant to body imprints. They also help to promote breathability and heat dissipation, resulting in a more comfortable and cool night’s sleep. The use of glues and adhesives is fully avoided in the exclusive building process.

Support for an 8-inch Breathable Encased Coil

The coils of the Chorus are individually wrapped to provide complete body-contouring support. This strategy guarantees that movement is isolated while also creating balanced support for optimum postural alignment and alignment. When compared to memory foam and even all-latex mattresses, it provides the perfect amount of bounce while also providing outstanding breathability and heat dissipation features. The use of glues and adhesives is fully avoided in the exclusive building process.

Proper Fire Protection Is Essential

Naturepedic exceeds all Federal and State flammability criteria without the use of flame retardant chemicals or flame retardant barriers, thanks to its revolutionary natural design and clever mattress construction. Improved product design, the use of more natural materials, and the removal of polyurethane foam are some of the methods used to attain this goal.

Organic and Greenguard Gold Certified Ingredients

Not only are the specific components used by Naturepedic certified, but the completed mattress is as well, according to the company. This assures that all of the components adhere to a safe and non-toxic design standard. Organic Textile Certification Organization (OTCO) certification to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). All Naturepedic products are also subjected to rigorous testing for chemical emissions and are certified in accordance with the strict GREENGUARD® Gold certification guidelines. Certifications in a greater number

Excellent Craftsmanship

In the town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, there is a family-owned firm called Naturepedic. Their employees are highly trained Amish artisans who take great pleasure in their work, paying close attention to the smallest of details to guarantee long-lasting quality of the products. Naturepedic is happy to provide the highest-quality organic mattresses available anywhere in the world.

Warranty for a period of 20 years

Naturepedic is so confident in their goods that they are willing to stand behind them with a limited guarantee that lasts for 20 years. They are fairly pleased with their exceptionally low warranty claim rates, but they are always there if you want their assistance. You may be certain that you are in capable hands.

Made with pride in the United States of America.

Naturepedic is a family-owned company with a stellar reputation for high-quality goods and exceptional customer service. We are happy to provide the highest-quality organic mattresses, all of which are manufactured in the United States. When it comes to making their mattresses, they utilise a blend of native and international fabrics and components. When you purchase a Naturepedic product, you may be proud of your contribution to the support of American employment and industry. You may also be certain that your bed was created by professionals who are passionate about what they do.

Chorus Mattress Construction And Materials

What is the composition of the Naturepedic Chorus Mattress?
The Naturepedic Chorus mattress is a firm, sustainable choice for eco-friendly sleepers, made with wool batting, all-natural cotton, a special plant-based PLA material, and durable pocketed coils.

Cover – Things get off with a soft yarn, cotton, and PLA quilted cover. If you might be acquainted with the first two materials on this chart, PLA might be new to you. In a nutshell, it’s made from non-GMO sugarcane and is renowned for its strength and moisture-wicking properties. As a result, when mixed with wool and cotton, it creates a gentle, naturally cooling feel.

Cover by Naturepedic
The Naturepedic Chorus Comfort’s sustainable cotton cover – You’ll find a 1.5″ tall segment of micro-coils directly under the quilted shell. This layer infuses the bed with instantaneous bounce and firmness, helping to pull the sleeper out of the frame.

Next, a thin coat of organic cotton batting would be applied. This segment mostly serves as a springboard for the microcoils above it to bounce off of. It also aids the sleeper’s transition to the firmer portion of encased coils below.

Support – This 8” tall portion of encased coils makes up the majority of the mattress. These springs give the frame a lot of bounce, firmness, and support, which may be ideal for back, combo, and stomach sleepers. I should also mention that these coils have a sheet of foam edge support wrapped around them. This helps to increase the mattress’s available surface space, enabling sleepers to sleep easily all the way to the bed’s edges.

Finally, we finish with another sheet of cotton batting. Like we saw above, the main purpose of this segment is to give the coils above it something to react to.

Naturepedic organic cotton chorus twin size mattress

Assuming you have already read my review of the Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic Mattress, you know that I am a fan of this company and their products. So, when I was given the opportunity to review their new Chorus mattress, I jumped at the chance. The Chorus is a twin size mattress that is made with organic cotton and wool. It has a firm feel, which is perfect for me, and it also has a quilted layer that makes it extra comfortable. I have been sleeping on the Chorus for a few weeks now, and I can say without a doubt that it is one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on. Not only does it provide great support, but it is also extremely breathable.

Serenade Organic Mattress

The Serenade mattress takes the place of the Essentials as Naturepedic’s mid-tier high-end offering. It has 2″ of organic latex in the comfort sheet, in addition to the organic cotton and wool surface coat, for pressure point relief and a more relaxed sleep. Pocket coils are often included for improved back and spine protection. With a marginally lower starting price than the Essentials, it is also a high-end mattress that relies on fabrics and design that are healthy for you and your family. The majority of consumers are pleased, including the fact that the mattress is on the firmer side of comfort.

The Serenade is a hybrid mattress with organic latex for pressure-point relief and encased coil help that contours your body gently.

Organic cotton cloth + organic wool batting + pla comfort sheet = quilt

2nd “comfort sheet of organic latex

8″ insulator made of organic cotton fabric “organic cotton batting encasement (organic cotton fabric + organic cotton fill) encased coils with edge help

The Serenade is available in two comfort levels: firm and cushion-firm. Many sleepers can profit from the cushion-firm, which has a universally relaxing feel. For those who want a firm room, the firm offers an extra degree of comfort. In any case, you’ll be very relaxed. The Serenade has a smooth organic latex relaxation coat that helps alleviate pressure points and natural fibres that wick away moisture.

The Serenade has a sleek finish and is finely tailored. The Serenade is handcrafted in our certified organic factory with gentle love and consideration, and it tastes just as beautiful as it does.

Naturepedic EOS Series 

The EOS Trilux Mattress is one of three mattresses in the EOS collection: the EOS Classic Mattress, the EOS Pillowtop Mattress, and the EOS Trilux Mattress. These mattresses have 3″ latex comfort layers and 8″ encased coils in each. The volume of latex in each differs somewhat, with the Trilux providing the most. An connected encased pillow top of organic cotton is also included with the Pillowtop. Each model also has dual firmness customization choices, which is suitable for couples that have different firmness preferences. Customers are enthusiastic regarding these selections, with the Classic and Trilux receiving the most positive feedback. Those who reported problems mainly complained about the scent and wished they had purchased the fluffy types.

EOS Classic Organic Mattress and Pillowtop Organic Mattress

These mattresses are a decent choice for everyone since they come with a range of firmness choices. Both the Classic and Pillowtop have zippers that enable you to tailor your comfort and optimise longevity by switching out some fabrics. You may also choose various comfort levels on each side of the mattress, which is a great feature if you share a bed with anyone.

Since they are hybrid mattresses, their spring coils provide additional protection, making them suitable for those who are heavier or need more spine support. They’re often heavier than regular mattresses, providing more protection and making getting in and out of bed simpler. It also gives off a more opulent vibe.

The biggest distinction between the two mattresses is in the name: the pillow top adds thickness to the mattress while still including an additional layer for customization. The Pillowtop variant is also available in an extra fluffy firmness, making it ideal for those who want a softer mattress.

EOS Trilux Organic Mattress

With three interchangeable layers of latex foam, the EOS Trilux Organic Mattress is the only all-foam mattress in the EOS range. Latex foam is bouncy, breathable, because long-lasting, and it relieves pain.

Since latex foam is the only kind of foam that can be certified organic, it’s popular in organic mattresses. Much better, according to a small study conducted by Trusted Source, latex mattresses spread weight more equally and minimise pressure on the body than polyurethane foam mattresses, resulting in less aches and pains when sleeping.

Positive And Negative Points About Naturepedic Mattresses

Chemical-free mattresses are a plus. Fire retardants, glues, adhesives, and polyurethane foam are not used in the manufacture of Naturepedic mattresses. All of their mattresses are Made Safe and UL Greenguard accredited, and follow the sustainable and nontoxic requirements of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
Transparency is essential to us. Naturepedic mattresses are constructed entirely of organic fabrics, and the brand is dedicated to openness about its materials and activities.

Naturepedic sells a variety of mattresses with a variety of firmness levels, with lots of alternatives for those with various sleeping habits and physical requirements. The firmness and feel of the foam and coils of certain mattresses may even be personalised.

Children’s mattresses come with a 30-day money-back policy, while adult mattresses come with a 90-day guarantee. Additionally, these mattresses are shipped free to all consumers in the United States.
Environmental and social sustainability are essential to us. Numerous environmental and child welfare recognitions and prizes have been provided to the brand, demonstrating the importance of the commodity and the company’s contribution to environmental stewardship.


The cost. Naturepedic mattresses fall under the premium mattress category, with the most affordable version costing $2,000

Warranties vary depending on the type of bed. Some of Naturepedic’s mattresses have a 20-year warranty, whereas others just have a 10-year warranty. This may be a little perplexing, so take a deeper look before ordering.

Our Verdict

We’ve bought several crib mattresses and this is our second Naturepedic twin mattress. We adore them and feel happy for our children burying their heads in this herbal, chemical-free mattress. After reading the feedback, I would disagree that this mattress is too hard, at least for an infant. It was purchased for my preschooler, who prefers firmer mattresses. I’ve fallen asleep on it many times and find it comfortable, and my children do as well. I like that one side is water-resistant right now, and we can turn it around for a lighter side as the kids get older. I don’t have any concerns. UPDATE: When my son was six years old, he began to lament that his mattress was too stiff. It was great to be able to accommodate him without needing to purchase a fresh mattress by merely flipping his mattress from the water-proof side to the softer side! I should also mention that Naturepedic stands by their lifetime warranty. In fewer than 6 months, a spring in our second of these mattresses had turned sideways and was sticking off to the side. We’re not sure why or how this occurred, but we contacted Naturepedic and gave them photos, and they promptly sent us a replacement mattress. There’s no cost, and there’s no hassle. I’m very happy.