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In The News

New treatment for pain uses light to bring veterans out of the dark (12/8/2015)

Chicago Tribune

Rush studies shift workers’ sleep (5/19/2012)

Wakey Wakey- We know it sucks, but waking up on time can keep your body healthy (12/15/2008)

Night owl needs nap after bid to be early bird (09/04/2007)

Bright ideas help beat the blues as daylight fades (10/19/2003)

Rays Of Hope- Light Therapy Helps Counteract Seasonal Affective Disorder, Studies Find (12/3/1998)

Midday Naps Get The Nod From Researchers, Workers (09/04/1996)

The Body Clock- Bad News For Night Owls: New Research Says Our Biological System Likes A Regular Schedule (10/31/1994)

Sad But True- Winter Can Bring On The Blues, Now Doctors Are Helping Patients Lighten Up (10/23/1988)


Can You Trick Your Body to Prevent Jet Lag? (8/19/2010)

The White House Mystery Drug (3/04/2010)

Tip Sheet (Jet Lag) (3/27/2005)

Get Some Sleep (3/20/2005)

CBS News

Teens: Why Are They Always So Tired? (5/18/2011)

Scientifically Proven Way to Avoid Jet Lag (4/6/2011)

Bright Lights Dim Depression (2/11/2009)

New Study Sheds Light on Working Nights (12/5/2008)


The Other Big Deficit: Many Teens Fall Short on Sleep (5/16/2011)

New York Times

Righting the Body’s Clock Through Chemicals (1/6/2010)

The Science of Zzzzz’s (8/8/2006)

Glasses That Light Up the Day May Also Lighten Gloomy Spirits (8/10/2000)

Melatonin Used to Restore Sleep Patterns in Blind People (6/22/1999)

ABC News

Sleeping on Weekends Hurt Kids’ Grades (6/13/2007)

Perhaps Viagra Can Soften Jet Lag’s Impact (5/21/2007)

NBC News

Early bird gets the work, night owl gets… no sex? (6/17/2008)


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