Brookstone 4-in-1 Bed Wedge Pillow

The brookstone bed wedge pillow is a convenient and multi-functional piece of equipment, providing support for your head, legs, knees or feet. It’s great if you suffer from any type of back pain – it will improve alignment by raising the upper body slightly. Or use to elevate your legs at night to help reduce symptoms associated with conditions such as heartburn, acid reflux and gastritis which can be exacerbated by poor sleep posture. The raised elevation also helps relieve pressure on swollen ankles caused by fluid build up (oedema) or varicose veins reducing discomfort in the lower limbs too! If you’re expecting a baby this would make an ideal maternity cushion as well… during pregnancy when sleeping propped up is recommended to aid circulation and ease discomfort. The bed wedge pillow will help you get a better night’s sleep whatever your reason for using it!

Brookstone 4-in-1 Bed Wedge Pillow

Size: 28 x 20 inches (70x50cm) – Large enough for adults of average height or larger children/pre-teens, not suitable for very young children as the elevation may cause choking if they fall asleep on their tummies. Weight limit: 350lbs / 160kgs Material composition: Polyurethane foam filling with polyester cover Fits into standard size duvet covers Warranty card included Comes in pack of one only

This brookstone bed wedge pillow provides excellent support when sleeping at home or away, especially on holiday where hotel beds can be very uncomfortable! It’s also great for use as a support cushion when travelling in the car, whether on long journeys or just around town. Weighs less than one pound so it can be easily carried with you and then popped back into your suitcase at the end of each trip before your next journey out..

the brookstone bed wedge pillow is a great way to help with acid reflux and snoring. it can be used in four different ways which include: under the knees for leg elevation, behind your back as lumbar support, between your legs or even underneath your head if you have allergies or sinus issues. this unique shape makes it hard to roll off of at night time so that you sleep comfortably all throughout the night.

the brookstone bed wedge pillow has an anti-microbial cover made from 100% cotton twill fabric that zips on/off for easy cleaning and replacement when needed . there are also two adjustable straps included (one strap holds down one side while the other secures the opposite side) so that you can adjust the pillow to your height preference.

this bed wedge pillow is a great option for people who have acid reflux, allergies and sinus issues or even if they snore at night time . it’s four different ways to use this item make it versatile in its application which makes it perfect for anyone in need of support while sleeping on their back or side.

brooke stone’s pillow for cold weather – A great place to rest your head when feeling congested and stuffed up from allergies is on brookstone’s summer-weight down alternative bed wedge pillow . It provides the perfect elevation in order to keep you breathing easier throughout the night so that you can get a good night’s sleep while recovering from sinus congestion, blocked nasal passages, or allergies. This versatile product also has other uses as well – it can be used at home or even during travel if needed! The cover comes off easily making cleaning easy which makes this comfortable piece of equipment a breeze for anyone who needs an added boost in comfortability anywhere they are sleeping including airplane rides! The gentle slope keeps you from sliding down too far into the bed and it provides a comfortable rest that can help with many different sleeping positions. It is even good to use while watching TV or reading in bed!

Brookstone 4-in-1 bed wedge pillow review

I have had my Brookstone bed wedge pillow for over a year now. I love it, and here’s why:

– The foam is very comfortable. It doesn’t flatten out like other pillows do after long periods of use.

– It has perfect high that allows your head to be above the level of your heart when you sleep on your back or side, which makes breathing easier and prevents snoring/apnea issues! You can also sit up in bed with this pillow since it elevates higher than most regular pillows would allow as well (it’s about 16 inches tall). This reduces acid reflux symptoms too if you wake up with them during the night due to sleeping flat on your stomach.

– The wedge that helps elevate your head is also removable which makes the pillow easy to clean. Just take it off and throw it in the washing machine, allow to air dry, then you’re good as new! If you use a waterproof mattress pad or cover though (recommended), just wipe down your pillow with some cleaner and water instead of throwing it into the wash.

I highly recommend this Brookstone bed wedge for anyone who has sleep issues like I do or even if they don’t have any problems sleeping but want be able to sit up more easily when reading their Kindle in bed! It’s worth every penny.

Is the brookstone 4-in-1 bed wedge pillow good for sitting?

The Brookstone 4-in-1 bed wedge pillow is a great option for sitting up in bed. There are many benefits to using this product including the ability to elevate your legs, back and head all at once. The design also allows you sit straighter which helps with breathing and digestion problems. This product will be perfect if you cannot hold yourself up or just need some extra support while working on anything from painting a picture to reading a book.

What do you think? Is the Brookstone 4-in-1 bed wedge pillow good for sitting up in bed?

Brookstone® 4-in-1 bed wedge pillow odor

We all have our own quirks when it comes to sleeping. Some of us like an extra pillow for support, some need a little bit more light in the room and others might be looking for a way to alleviate their snoring problem. If you’re someone who has trouble with snoring or just needs additional support while reading in bed, then I recommend checking out this Brookstone® 4-in-1 Bed Wedge Pillow that you can use as a headrest, back rest, leg rest and even an armrest! This is perfect for those who do not want to disturb their partner by thrusting another pillow into their face at night! Plus this one won’t take up any space on your bed since it can be adjusted in so many ways.

Brookstone® 4-in-1 bed wedge pillow in brown

The brookstone® bed wedge pillow is a multipurpose and multi-functional solution for many different sleeping problems. It can be used at the head of your bed, as an elevation aid to help with reflux or acid indigestion; it can also be used under the feet in order to provide relief from swelling due to pregnancy, poor circulation caused by sitting for long periods of time, even just general leg pain. This product does not require any assembly upon receipt – simply unpack the box and you’re ready! The memory foam material will conform around your body shape over time providing maximum comfort so that you do not have wake up stiff after sleep sessions. Overall this pillow has been designed to improve breathing, promote circulation and to help you get a good nights sleep.

Brookstone 4-in-1 bed wedge pillow with body conforming memory foam

Pros: Intended for back pain reduction, cooling technology reduces overheating and allows you to sleep with your window open.

Cons: Not intended for stomach sleepers because it doesn’t conform well enough to the body as a mattress would. Side sleeping is not recommended either.

Who would benefit from this? People who suffer from acid reflux or gastric issues that are exacerbated by lying face down or on their side will find relief in using this product while they sleep at night. The memory foam material contours closely around the body while providing support where needed most, which means less tossing and turning during slumber time!

Memory foam fill brookstone 4-in-1 bed wedge pillow

I’m a busy mom of two. One day I was searching for the perfect way to sleep at night and a friend suggested this pillow. You can use it in four different ways which is awesome because sometimes you want your head up or your feet up and now you can do that with one product!

The memory foam fill Brookstone 4-in-1 bed wedge pillow also has something called an “infinity curve” which helps align the spine as well as providing lumbar support. It’s also great for those who suffer from acid reflux, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, chronic bronchitis, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Brookstone 4 in 1 bed wedge pillow cover

This Brookstone bed wedge pillow cover is a must for those who have sleep apnea or other breathing issues. The easy to use design allows you to keep your head elevated, while helping relieve pressure on the lungs and stomach. This bolsters support by helping maintain proper alignment of body parts such as shoulders, hips, neck, etc., during sleep time when lying flat in bed can cause discomfort due to acid reflux or sinus congestion. Made from high-quality cotton material which makes it soft enough for skin contact that will not trigger allergies unlike many others out there made with latex foam rubber inserts/blocks which some people find irritating against their skin after extended periods of laying down directly on them all night; this product comes complete with its own separate removable washable pillow case to make it easier and more convenient for you to have the option of washing them together as a set or separately depending on how often they need cleaning.