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Established by Dr. Charmane Eastman, the Biological Rhythms Research Lab is an internationally-recognized human circadian rhythms research laboratory.  We invite you to take a virtual glimpse at our laboratory, learn more about our research, meet our excellent team, and become involved in our current research projects. Thanks for visiting!

Mission Statement

The broad goal of our laboratory is to understand human circadian rhythms across the lifespan, and to test practical methods to attenuate circadian misalignment in common, real-world situations like shift work, jet lag, and early school start times. 

We strive to be among the most productive and respected laboratories in the field of human sleep and circadian rhythms by conducting careful, rigorous science and publishing high quality data. 

We are dedicated to creating an environment that encourages curiosity and supports learning and skill development while embracing the values of honesty, accuracy, collaboration and fairness in our research studies and in the general operation of our laboratory.


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